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I grew up without any love for hiking or camping. In all honesty, I did all I could to avoid it. Why bother with annoying mosquitos and hiking up mountains just to come right back down to where you started. It was something that never connected with me on any level.

Now, I have stacks of equipment from tents to sleeping pads piled high in a designated area of my room. It was like a switch for me when I went on a few hiking trips up in Canada and the Adirondacks. To say that I’m now infatuated by nature…

Ohh boy do you smell that? It’s the sweet smell of cigarette fumes and that dude taking a dump on the street corner. There is nothing quite like the refreshing smells of New York City.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this city. I’m turning more and more into a city slicker with each passing day. But, every once in a while you just want to get away. See a tree or two.

It turns out there are some amazing wilderness areas in our region that I had no idea existed. You can even reach most of these places using…

Finding the motivation to return to our healthiest habits, or eliminating the negative ones we brought back.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash — how can I get perfect posture like that??

The strongest habits are formed by intrinsic motivation — doing something because it’s personally rewarding as opposed to doing it for an external motivation.

A year ago I wrote an article about surpassing 100 consecutive days of meditation. At the time, it felt amazing! I’d set aside ten minutes for myself every day to just be present with my own mind. My anxiety began to ease. I started to have more thoughtful conversations and meaningful relationships with people.

But, I missed one day.

Work for another company when you’re starting out.

Yeah, you heard me right. No typos in that first sentence. I’m giving it to you straight up. My biggest piece of advice for people seeking to be their own boss and personal freedom is to find themselves a boss and a tighter work schedule.

When I started freelancing back in 2017, I was struggling to get a single client. I don’t think I smelled that bad back then. People, understandably, couldn’t trust someone who says they know what they’re doing without the work to show for it.

I’d worked on a…

A freelancer’s tips and insights for your friendly neighborhood office-dweller and some painfully obvious points for your seasoned remote worker.

I wish I knew German…

It’s really happening people. Sporting events are being suspended, my inbox is getting bombarded with assuring emails from companies I’d never heard of, and offices are requiring their workers to work remotely from home.

When I heard that my office was having us work from home, I wasn’t too worried. I actually kind of enjoy working from home. But, then I thought about the thousands or millions of workers that are now forced into something that they haven’t tried before.

It’s the guidance you need to understand your industry, develop your process, and figure out what the hell you’re doing.

Around my freshman year of high school, I was beginning to develop a love for design, more specifically website and logo design. I would spend hours looking at innovative designs, trying, often without success, to recreate them. Reminiscing on that, I think many of us can remember those first few exciting moments when you dipped your toes into a hobby or industry.

The possibilities for learning and creating seemed endless. There were so many designers, designs, styles, layouts, portraits of…

okay…it didn’t really look like this

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
~ Aristotle

In the final few weeks of this past year, I took some time to reflect on where I wanted to be and how I could build healthy habits to potentially combat my harmful qualities.

I began by doing research on habits that could have a significant impact on various aspects of my life. I really didn’t want to start golfing to deal with my stress, so meditation offered an enticing starter package.

To offer some context, I’m naturally someone who’s very stressed. I…

Allow me to throw something out there.

If I’m a writer, the hardest part about writing isn’t the actual writing itself. It is the ability to sit down and start that first paragraph.

The same bodes true for things that aren’t necessarily productive. Just making the decision to scroll through Instagram will suck you into an hour-long rabbit hole of cake making and best monster truck moments. Based on that ideation, how can we be more productive when we need to be productive?


Most of the time, you don’t purposely click on the Facebook app or turn on the…

On Tuesday Morning, I got up at the usual time of 6:02 AM to get started on my morning routine consisting of a quick workout and a healthy dose of breakfast. I’m not fond of reading the news this early, or in general. But, something interesting caught my attention that morning on Forbes.

Freelancers now make up 35% of U.S. workers and collectively earned $1 trillion in the past year…
~ Forbes,

That’s right, 1 in 3 working Americans are currently in the freelance game. Crazy! …

I’m coming up on the one year anniversary for Dan V Design Co, and man has it been one hell of a year. It’s been a crazy experience trying to keep an open mind and learning as much as possible while working absurd hours (don’t tell my mom) to make this dream work. But, perhaps the biggest thing that has grabbed my erratic mind this past year was the importance of brand, sticking to it across every platform/medium, and creating conscious content.

In a business context, the degree to which a product or communications strategy fits a strong narrative is…

Danny V

An adventurous brand designer writing undefined, digestible, and life-inspired stories 🤙🏼 (

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